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2022-2023 Commitments

In November, my fellow trustees elected me Vice-Chair of the Board. In that role, I support the Chair in their duties under the Education Act and preside in place of the Chair as needed. 

I am also an active member of the following board committees. You can read more about each committee's mandate here:

  1. Chair's Committee - meets 1-2 times/month, September - June

  2. Governance and Bylaw Committee (2 year commitment) - meets at least 5 times/year

  3. Policy Working Committee - meets monthly, September - June (serving as Chair)

  4. Special Education Advisory Committee (4 year commitment) - meets at least10 times/year and has three subcommittees - September - June (serving as Chair)

  5. Programs and School Services (all trustees) - meets monthly, September - June

  6. Planning and Priorities (all trustees) - meets monthly, September - June

  7. Regular Board Meetings (all trustees) - monthly, September - June

  8. Supervised Alternative Learning (as needed)

My attendance at committee, 2022-2023:

Chair's Committee - 100%

Governance & Bylaw - 100%

Policy Working Committee -100%

Special Education Advisory Committee -100%

Programs and School Services (required) -100% 

Planning and Priorities (required) -100%

Regular Board Meetings -100%

Supervised Alternative Learning - 100%

Other Board committees:

  • Audit Committee

  • First Nations Advisory Committee

  • Negotiations Advisory Committee

  • Thames Valley Parent Involvement Committee

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