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City Councillors

The work of municipalities intersects with the work of trustees in a number of areas, such as city planning. We all play a part in where Londoners live, work, play, and grow.

Tell Our MPPs. They care.

Click on the photo below to be taken to MPP contact information.

First row: Rob Flack, Ernie Hardeman, Peggy Sattler

Second row: Terence Kernaghan, Teresa Armstrong, Monte McNaughton

In the last provincial election, we all elected community members to represent our provincial interests.


These community members, our Members of Provincial Parliament, are important decision-makers in many issues, including education.

Like trustees, they care about their communities and want to hear from you.

Let them know that you see the urgent need for these schools too.

Some of the concerns community members have shared that are impacted by provincial decisions:​

  • communities with a demonstrated need for new schools not receiving approval for new schools

  • ​schools opening with a maximum number of portables on site due to delays in approvals for schools

  • capped enrolment on school where placing portables is no longer possible due to space/service limitations - students are then bussed out of area

  • ​delays in approving funding for schools mean that the cost of building schools rises significantly each month in our current economic climate 
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