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Schools by Ward*:
Ward 7: Emily Carr PS, Masonville PS, Sir Arthur Currie PS, Sir Frederick Banting SS, Sir Isaac Brock PS, Wilfrid Jury PS.
Ward 8: Clara Brenton PS, John Dearness PS, Oakridge SS, Riverside PS, Sir Isaac Brock, West Oaks PS
Ward 9:  Byron Northview PS, Byron Somerset PS, Byron Southwood PS, Lambeth PS, Saunders SS.
Ward 10: Arthur Ford PS, Jeanne Sauvé FIPS, Westmount PS, W. Sherwood Fox PS, 
Ward 13: Aberdeen PS, Central SS, Eagle Heights P
S, HB Beal SS, Lord Roberts FIPS

If you want to contact a school, the ones in my wards are listed below, in alphabetical order. The address and link to the school website is provided for your convenience. There, you'll find the school's phone number, email addresses, and information about school superintendents.

*Civic engagement matters. I'm happy to be empowering youth to help build this page, become more aware of what's going on their community, and contribute their voice. This page is a work in progress. If you like what you see or notice any corrections that are needed, I'd love for you to reach out and let them know. I'm happy to pass along any messages through phone/text/email.

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