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Vote With Confidence

Deciding who will represent you in leadership can be challenging. I want to be more than a name on a sign. I want you to feel confident that the person you're voting for has what it takes to do the job - and to do it well.


I know that there are London voters who don't (yet) know about me and what I have to offer you as a trustee who will take meaningful action and make a difference in Thames Valley. I invite you to read endorsements/testimonials from community leaders, parents, education workers, and others who know the role of leadership and can speak to my ability to serve you well as a TVDSB trustee.

All of my endorsements are from individuals who have first-hand experience with me in the field of education and in leadership roles in the community. 


There are no endorsements from people in elected positions. I have turned down endorsements like that. I am campaigning on my own abilities and proven track record. Know your candidates and what they REALLY bring to the table.

Ruth Tisdale

School Board Trustee, TVDSB, 2006-2018

"An ideal choice."



Beth Mai will make an excellent trustee for TVDSB. 


During her time on the Special Education Advisory Committee, Beth has shown herself to be responsible, a willing contributor and collaborator, and a solutions-oriented advisor to the board. She asks difficult questions - the kind of questions we need to be asking when decisions that impact an entire school board need to be made. When solutions on the table seem problematic, Beth doesn’t shy away from wrestling with them and seeking out all information possible to fully inform herself - and others. When decisions are being considered, she is able to make a connection between what is being proposed and how it is likely to impact staff and students in schools. 


Beth is a dedicated volunteer who will give the job the time it needs and is committed to serving all students and the entire board. Beth has a good understanding of board governance and is already taking steps to further develop her skills in that area to better serve the public. Her long-standing dedication to children and public education combined with her leadership skills and the importance she places on proactive planning and accountability, make her an ideal choice.


Andrew Clark

TVDSB parent

professor at Fanshawe College

business owner 

"Many excellent candidates...but none better than Beth"

I can't say enough good things about how passionate Beth is about children in our community. She advocates for children with exceptionalities, but her platform has so many ideas that will benefit all kids! There are many excellent candidates this election, but none better than Beth, in my opinion.

Tracy Leckie

TVDSB parent

past president of School Council, Masonville PS

"A realist who insists that limited resources are carefully allocated"

Beth Mai's knowledge and experience as an educator and advocate for special education position her well to be a leader on equity, inclusiveness and respecting diversity in all its forms in a way that is meaningful and substantive. Beth is also a realist who insists that limited resources are carefully allocated and managed to best fulfill the most important priorities for students.

She has the interest, collaborative skills, and tenacity to make an excellent representative.  She works tirelessly to get (and stay) abreast of the issues, does not take no for an answer when she sees that better can, and should be possible, and is very solutions-focused.  I am excited to think how effective she would be with a seat at the decision-making table as a school board trustee.

Tracy Grant

TVDSB's Special Education Advisory Committee

former TVDSB trustee

"A knowledgeable and ethical leader and team member"

Beth Mai is a knowledgeable and ethical leader and team member. She advocates for accountability and transparency in decision-making. Beth will be a strong voice for the community as trustee.

Marcus Ryan

TVDSB parent

Community leader

"advocating for equity in access to programs and good governance"

The TVDSB needs strong trustees. It needs trustees who know why they’re there and who are trying to get things done. I’ve known Beth for years and, in that time, I've seen her advocating for equity in access to programs and good governance at the TVDSB.  She has a detailed understanding of the issues and how to improve them. Isn’t that exactly what we want? I’m happy to endorse Beth Mai for Trustee, and I encourage anyone who can to vote for her.


Malcolm Hines

SW London resident

parent of public school graduate

"Beth will always be ready to help others in need."

I have known Beth Mai for many years. Beth is extremely intelligent and the most well-organized person I have ever met. She knows about setting goals and always follows through. She is a first-rate communicator, leader and negotiator.

Beth is the kind of person who, when she doesn't know something, researches an issue to the point of attaining a genuine expertise in that area. Generous, Beth will always be ready to help others in need. Her values are set on goodness, kindness and helping.

Rujuta Bhatt

TVDSB parent

"She understands the diverse needs of both our children and our communities."

I'm endorsing Beth Mai because I know she understands the diverse needs of both our children and our communities. She cares about ensuring that our kids can be supported to do their best and be their best selves.

Dina Farrow Peters

TVDSB parent



Beth is generous with her knowledge, expertise and passion. Her willingness to share as an educator, advocate and community member is remarkable.

Ian Bennett

TVDSB principal, retired

"Uniquely qualified"

Beth Mai will make a fine trustee for our education system. As a person who has worked both inside and outside of our education institutions she is uniquely qualified to bring “outside the box” and innovative ideas that can improve outcomes for our students. She is sharply focused on ways we can maximize the effectiveness of our tax dollars to serve our children and our community. I urge you to vote for Beth and give her my most earnest endorsement as a person who will work hard for you.

Julie Walter

TVDSB parent

"Passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated."

Beth Mai is committed to equity for all students. She is passionate, knowledgable and dedicated. Her thoughtful and thorough approach to educational policies are backed by demonstrable rigour and skill. I can think of no better candidate to represent the voices of the students in Thames Valley DSB than Beth Mai.

Ashley Nightingale


Former TVDSB student


Beth was my 8th grade teacher. While school was challenging, she did a great job encouraging me to be the best student I could be. She always advocated for her students and ensured that we were getting the most from our education. She will bring this same level of dedication to her role of trustee to serve all students.

Cara Martin

London parent

"No one I would trust more with my child's education"

I have known Beth Mai since our children were JK age. She has always been proactive in looking for ways to get each child what they need to learn, together. She has been fantastic as a community leader, as a teacher, as a role model, and as a leader for children and adults alike. Beth has a knack for problem solving and for advocacy - and as a parent to a child with unique education needs, I have learned so much from her. My child has benefitted immeasurably from her involvement in their life. There is literally no one I would trust more with my child's education than Beth.

Christine Thammavongsa

Chair, TVDSB Special Education Advisory Committee TVDSB

past provincial president, ABC Ontario (gifted advocacy)


"governing with integrity and fiscal prudence"

Beth Mai is running to make a meaningful difference in the lives of TVDSB students and to ensure the voices of students and parents are heard. Beth stands for equity and diversity, meaningful collaboration and public input, and ending efforts to silence constructive criticism. 

Beth believes in accountability, governing with integrity and fiscal prudence, and an expectation that staff will provide trustees with the data and detail they need to make meaningful and impactful decisions.

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