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Getting the help you need has
never been easier.

I have extensive experience helping the community navigate the education system. In putting my name forward for trustee, I made the commitment to be connected to those I represent, to be accessible, and to provide all of the support I can in the role of your elected representative.


On this site, you'll find a growing collection of resources and tips to make your life easier. I'm showing you now what you can expect from me outside the boardroom as your trustee in wards 7,8,9,10, and 13.


You can trust that I will have your best interests at heart in leadership. You'll see that in setting the direction of the board, expecting transparency and accountability, encouraging innovative leadership where it's needed, spending tax dollars wisely, AND responding to your needs as concerned community members who need help and advice in day-to-day living.

You can visit my blog, where I'm currently posting helpful info. This collection will continue to grow as I post from my own knowledge and experience as well as helpful information shared by the community and others in leadership roles. If you have a resource, tip, or information you'd like to share to help our community be better connected, please let me know.

We are better, together.


tvdsb calendar

You can find this downloadable PDF on my blog or click an image. There is a printable file and a clickable file (to download and store on a smartphone or tablet for easy reference).

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