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Want to play a game?

I read carefully and consider implications. I've done this many times in TVDSB with changes to programming, policy, and a significant document that directs critical services in TVDSB.

Reading carefully means seeing how a single word changed in a document impacts services for more than 10 000 students - and making sure it doesn't happen, like I did this past June.

Reading carefully is how I've been able to address concerns with policy, process, and budget in TVDSB for several years now.

So, want to play a game?

Like thick documents that trustees are required to read as part of their service to the board, my website has a lot of information.
Like those documents, there is something "hidden" in plain sight on my website. It's been there since the middle of the summer. At first glance, it might look like it belongs, but a closer look shows it doesn't.

It's something I would notice as being "off" or out of place, just like wording in a policy or a line of a board report.

Take a look and see if you can find it. I'll give you a hint to get started: it's not in the text (nothing inaccurate or misleading). It's much more visible than that.

Let me know if you find it by sending me a message at or by texting/calling 519-868-8538.

Paying attention to details matters.

I'll post another hint in a few days if it's needed. 😀


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