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Have a concern? Know who to talk to.

A photo of an open notebook on a table. There is a pencil resting on the notebook. Overlaying the image are three black rectangles with white text inside. From top to bottom, they read #maitrustee, Tuesday, and Tip.

An important role of trustees is to develop school board policies. Once a policy is developed, it is the responsibility of staff to create a procedure to outline how the policy will be enacted.

“It is the policy of the Board to develop positive relationships with parents/guardians, students and the community, and put the needs of students first. Seeking input and communicating with parents in a transparent and timely fashion will assist in accountability and ultimately, the success of all students. Further, the Board commits to ensuring safe, positive, learning and working environments by providing an educational environment that is welcoming, inviting, inclusive and respectful.
The role of trustees and staff in addressing parent or stakeholder concerns, within a timely manner, is vital to ensure the success of all of our students.”

The procedure that accompanies this policy is one you’ll want to know if you have concerns to share. It lists 4 people to contact, in a hierarchy, when bringing concerns to staff.

I'm sharing this as a Tuesday Tip because I have observed parents and guardians working to address concerns with staff and getting "bogged down" in the process. This is not because staff are wishing to be unhelpful!

Instead, if the procedure is not followed, those who have the authority and responsibility to make key decisions are excluded from the conversations. This is not an effective use of anyone's time.

So follow the process outlined in the procedure. Reference it as needed. Remember, "addressing parent or stakeholder concerns, within a timely manner, is vital to ensure the success of all students." As your trustee, I'll be upholding this policy and expecting accountability through the following of the procedure.


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