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Our schools matter: #maistory

TVDSB trustees need to know the schools and communities they serve. As a teacher who worked for TVDSB for 18 years and as someone who is currently an appointed advisor to the board, I can see that the board of trustees will benefit from having a person with my unique qualifications and perspective serving as your elected official.

Visiting our communities over the past few months is just one way I am showing commitment to my priority of Engaged Leadership. I want to know the communities I serve and be connected to the people living in them who are impacted by decisions made in the board room.

Visiting schools helps you see which ones have equipment, safe options for travel, and more.

Being connected to the community will allow me to continue to be aware of the realities in our schools - the wonderful parts and the aspects that need to be addressed so our communities can flourish.

Here are *some* of the photos I have taken over the past few months as I have travelled all over TVDSB.

I'm showing up for you - literally. 😊

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