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Beth Mai: an "ideal choice"

I'm honoured to have the support of not one, but two former TVDSB trustees with high standards and strong reputations in the community.

In this post, I'm sharing the endorsement of Ruth Tisdale, who was a school board trustee for TVDSB for 12 years (3 consecutive terms) from 2006-2018. She did not run in 2018, which was a loss for TVDSB.

Ruth has known me for a long time and was a trustee serving on a critical committee of the board when I was there too. It's meaningful - and humbling - that she has offered her endorsement to me when she has worked with others running as well. Knowing her high standards and expectations of others, it's the best way for the people who may not yet know me or have spoken with me to know that they will be able to count on me to serve them well.

Here is what she has to say:

Ruth Tisdale School Board Trustee, TVDSB, 2006-2018 "An ideal choice." Beth Mai will make an excellent trustee for TVDSB. During her time on the Special Education Advisory Committee, Beth has shown herself to be responsible, a willing contributor and collaborator, and a solutions-oriented advisor to the board. She asks difficult questions - the kind of questions we need to be asking when decisions that impact an entire school board need to be made. When solutions on the table seem problematic, Beth doesn’t shy away from wrestling with them and seeking out all information possible to fully inform herself - and others. When decisions are being considered, she is able to make a connection between what is being proposed and how it is likely to impact staff and students in schools. Beth is a dedicated volunteer who will give the job the time it needs and is committed to serving all students and the entire board. Beth has a good understanding of board governance and is already taking steps to further develop her skills in that area to better serve the public. Her long-standing dedication to children and public education combined with her leadership skills and the importance she places on proactive planning and accountability, make her an ideal choice.

I invite you to read more of my endorsements on my website here. Check out the endorsements of others running too!


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