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"Better can, and should be, possible"

I'm pleased to have the endorsement of community leader Tracy Leckie. She's a TVDSB parent, past president of School Council for Masonville PS in Ward 9, and someone who I respect greatly for the work she has done to improve our community.

I first met Tracy years ago in my role as president of a local organization that advocates for gifted children (ABC London) and helps parents and educators understand special education needs. I am an expert in special education, which is an advantage for a school board because it means I know the education system well and what all children need to be successful, whether they have special education needs or not.

Tracy has high expectations and I am honoured to receive her endorsement for school board trustee.

Tracy Leckie TVDSB parent past president of School Council, Masonville PS "A realist who insists that limited resources are carefully allocated" Beth Mai's knowledge and experience as an educator and advocate for special education position her well to be a leader on equity, inclusiveness and respecting diversity in all its forms in a way that is meaningful and substantive. Beth is also a realist who insists that limited resources are carefully allocated and managed to best fulfill the most important priorities for students. She has the interest, collaborative skills, and tenacity to make an excellent representative. She works tirelessly to get (and stay) abreast of the issues, does not take no for an answer when she sees that better can, and should be possible, and is very solutions-focused. I am excited to think how effective she would be with a seat at the decision-making table as a school board trustee.


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