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Ethical Leadership: Endorsement

I'm honoured to have the endorsement of Tracy Grant. One of the many roles she has played in our community is as a longtime appointee to a critical committee of TVDSB. Like me, she serves on the committee without payment. She has also served the community as a TVDSB trustee and TVDSB board chair in the past.

I first met Tracy when I started attending TVDSB board committee meetings back in 2017. I was still an employee with the board, so while I could attend the meetings as a member of the public, I could not be a member due to conflict of interest.

I still listened attended the monthly meetings, asked questions, and shared information to bridge the disconnect between the classroom and the board room and, after resigning from TVDSB, I became an appointed member of the committee - with a formal voice and a vote.

I don't just sit on committees, executives, or board committees - I actively engage and make a difference, as I have written before. In addition to the advisory role I play in TVDSB, I advocate for transparency and accountability - areas that require significant improvement, in my opinion.

I am already a strong voice, leader, and active team member working for children, parents, and schools in TVDSB and I will continue this work, with integrity, once elected to serve all of #TVDSB.


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