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Community connection and leadership

It's become increasingly important to me in recent years, as a dedicated community member, to offer my extensive experience in public education as an educator, advocate, researcher, and advisor to serve the community. That's why I'm running for TVDSB trustee in the upcoming municipal election. I believe in a better, brighter future for our school communities and I'm asking for your vote to make that happen.

Leaders need to listen. I've been listening to and acting on behalf of the community for many years. I'm listening now, too.

Join me in one of the upcoming virtual meetings so that I can hear about what matters to you. I want to add your voice to those who I've already connected with in the community.

If you'd like to provide an accessible space for an in-person event, please let me know. I'd love to talk with invested members of the community. Whether you are a parent, a staff member, a student (with parent awareness) or taxpayer, your voice matters.

There are more meetings scheduled for September. Click this link to see the current schedule of planned events.


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